Here at Midwest Veterinary Hospital, we are proud to serve Midwest City, OK and the surrounding communities.

We want nothing but the best for our patients and their owners. To do that, we strive to give them the highest quality of care especially when it comes to surgery.

Our surgical team is up to date with the latest medical procedures. They are constantly learning to give their patients the very best care with the least amount of stress.

We know that surgery is stressful for owners, too. We will take good care of your pets the entire time they stay with us. We will also do our best to keep you informed of their progress throughout their stay.

Please take a moment to review our policies for surgery procedures:

Pain Management Policy:

Post-operative pain medications are required at an additional charge for all pets after surgical procedures (excluding teeth cleanings without extractions). Pain management is important to your pet’s overall healing process; an injection will be given immediately prior to surgery and your pet will be sent home with pain medications for at least 4 days following surgery. Animals may not appear to be in pain after surgery, but they are. Alleviating pain will allow your pet to be more comfortable and heal faster.

Charges for post-op pain medication vary by weight which will be checked the morning of the procedure and will be included in the quote given upon scheduling.

Preoperative Bloodwork Policy:

Preoperative bloodwork (CBC/Chem) allows our veterinarians to assess the patient’s overall health, ensuring that your pet is a good candidate for anesthesia and decreasing certain risks and complications.

Preoperative bloodwork is:

Required for all patients 8 years of age or older.
Recommended for ALL patients.
Highly recommended for any patient with recent weight loss (not on a diet), lack of appetite for more than 2-3 days, vomiting, diarrhea, or any significant health change or disease.

Preoperative bloodwork will test for kidney, liver, and pancreatic function, electrolytes, blood glucose and protein levels, and a CBC (red and white blood cells and platelets).

Vaccination Policy:

To help protect all hospital patients, surgery patients are required to be current on all vaccinations. If not, vaccinations will be given at the time of surgery at an additional cost to the owner.

Canines must be current on Rabies, DHPL-Parvo and Bordetella. Felines must be current on Rabies and FVRCP.

If you have any questions about your pets’ procedures, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (405) 732-4505. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.